M535i SIG & Registry Information

Thank you for your interest in the BMW M535i Special Interest Group and Registry. You can click on the SIG Mission Statement below.

Please note: that registration and Members section has been closed (since January 2003). We are no longer accepting new members, instead we will continue to keep the website up and running as an information source.

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Members Only Section (User ID: guest, Password: guest)

To Log-in to the Members Section, first click on link. Then type in "m" followed by your SIG Member number (e.g. "125") as your user ID. Since I'm member #1, my User ID would be "m001". Then type in the last 7 digits of your VIN as your password. A listing of Members that have currently have access is available in the "Members Listing" link above. If your user ID is there, then you have access.

Special Interest Group Officers
Christopher Graff - Head Coordinator (since April, 1999). Email: GraffF1 "at" gmail.com
(Remove "NOSPAM" from email)

Rob Anderson - Chief Technical Advisor (since January, 2000). Email: techhelp "at" M535i.org

Due to the fact that Mr. Anderson has accepted a position with BMW Manufacturing, it will not be possible for him to personally update the website or receive any emails, since answering those emails can be seen as breaching confidentiality agreements. However, Mr. Anderson will continue to be a part of the BMW world and the SIG.

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