Mission Statement and FAQ

The M535i Special Interest Group and Registry is an informal association of BMW M535i, 535i, 535iS, and M5 enthusiasts. The Group is dedicated to the care, maintenance, restoration, and preservation of E12 M535i's, E28 M535i's, and U.S. specification 535iS's. We are here to encourage discussion, awareness, and appreciation of these cars in the US and internationally. The Official Website includes information about the cars, a Mailing List, and information about joining the M535i SIG. (The M535i Registry and SIG has no official affiliation with BMW AG, BMW NA, or the BMW CCA.)

As of April 1999, the M535i Registry and SIG has been revived with Christopher Graff as the new coordinator. Clark Cook, the previous coordinator, has let Chris take over the responsibilities as coordinator of the Group. Membership applications are always welcome and any information regarding the location of cars, owners, and technical information is greatly appreciated. There are no membership dues as of yet.

Membership services include:

  • Use E-mail Mailing List
  • Use of website for "Personal Pages"
  • Gallery of pictures of your cars
  • Annual Printed Newsletters mailed in the summer
  • Free shipping from sponsor Maximillian Importing Co.
  • Group Gatherings and Activities
  • There have been 4 Newsletters so far (and there are some back issues available of the Winter 1999-2000, Spring 2000, and Summer 2000). The next newsletter is due in Summer 2001.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I join the SIG, even if I don't have an M535i?
    Yes you can! We have people join with M5's, 535i's, and even 533i's. We are hear to help and enjoy these cars.

    Where can I go for technical advise?
    You should subscribe to the E-Mail Mailing List and post a message with your question or concerns. The officers of the group are very busy people (we have other lives as well, not just running the group); so if you e-mail us, you'll get a reply, but there is no guarantee on when we can get to your e-mail.

    Where can I find information on M535i's?
    Please feel free to browse the website for any information, and if you have any other questions, please feel free to e-mail us.

    I tried registering my car, but it hasn't come up yet. What's wrong?
    Nothing. We have to review the application, and then write the html to update the registry. It does take some time.

    What's the difference between mailing in or online application?
    Nothing. You can either print out the file and mail it in with your information, or you can fill out our form. Some IP's have problems with submitting forms, so another option would be to copy the information from the application into an e-mail and sending it to registry@m535i.org.

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