M535i E-Mail Mailing List Rules

1. Keep messages relevant to topic. This includes E12 and E28 body styles, and the 3.5 liter M30 "big six" engines.
2. Try to keep information you submit CORRECT.
3. Try to state where you received your information from, whether it is a reliable source or not. You may submit opinions on topics, but please state those as such! We don't want any confusion.
4. The list moderator has the right to end a thread for any reason.
5. The list moderator has the right to kick anyone off the list if he/she is not abiding by the rules. Usually, those parties will receive a warning before this happens.
6. Fridays is a "free-day." You may submit jokes, interesting car stories, etc. Try not to glut mailboxes (there are 51 other Fridays during the year for jokes!)
7. The list moderator may change Mailing List Rules at any time for any reason. Let me remind you, we are all here to share information and help out owners, first and foremost.

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