Pictures of the M535i and The Rest of The Family's Cars

Just Arrived(Aug. 98) Just Arrived Again(Aug. 98 Left Front(Aug. 98) With 15" E34 Wheels(Feb. 99) Front Interior(Sept. 98)
Before New Muffler(Sept. 98) Front Shot(Sept. 98) In Front of Garage(Sept. 98) Just Arrived Front Shot(Aug. 98) Rear Interior(Sept. 98)
Rear Shot Before New Muffler(Feb. 99) Winter shot at Rob A.'s house, ready and prepped for Lime Rock (Feb. 00) After lowering, and much needed work (July 00) After Euro lights installed at Rob's house (Aug. 00) Shot of interior, dash (Sept. 98)
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Ah. New Hartge's @ 135,003 miles (March 28th, 2001) Dunlop SP8000s: 225/50 on 16"x7.5" front, 245/45 on 16"x8.5" rear In the car with my instructor at Lime Rock (March, 2000) Sitting on the grid (March, 2000) On track, the Esses at Lime Rock (March, 2000)
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Basking in the afternoon sunshine after a good day's workout at Lime Rock (March, 2000) Nice shot of the cars lined up (that Lincoln's just rusting away...not mine) (Feb. 99) OK Shot of the Graff's automotive stable (Feb. 99) Great car, bad pictures, better ones will come soon (Feb. 99) Mother's '94 325iA (no one can believe it has over 90k) (Feb. 99)
Pushing the E36 'round This at the E30 M3 SIG Autocross January 2002 Sunset at 4 Interesting lighting
Front end thru the bushes Head-on shot Grill shot Beauty shot #1 Tim M.'s visit
Standing at attention Tim's nearly mint M535i Shark-nose grills Just washed, April 2002 Another shot, April 2002
Bright red! April 2002 Front end shot, April 2002 Right front, April 2002 Honda and 325i (with groceries!), April 2002 My bro's surprise 17th B-day present, June 2002
January 2002 picture Rob A.'s Oct 2002 Visit Shot from the top of the garage My new BBSs for winter tires

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